A Warriors Struggle

A look into struggles that so many of us face

Harsh Realities

We all have had dreams and aspirations to do something great with our life. 

Most of the time we go through life with the not good enough attitude and give up empty handed. 

This attitude is caused by a society that gets off by picking and choosing who it wants to go to the final round. 

Usually this is based purely off of popular opinion; how cool you look, what color your skin is, where you went to school and who your daddy is. Fuck That! 

Getting told no a hundred times creates a barrier. Decreasing desire and motivation putting you in the “I Suck” mindset – if you let it. 

My life is quite different now. To me, dreams are something that need to be avoided at all cost. An unrealistic fantasy with the end result being hurt and discontent.  

I now live for reality. Setting goals, not dreaming. Working my ass off to achieve those goals and not taking no for an answer.

If I get knocked down then I will pick myself up, evaluate the situation and charge head on through the fucking fire until I get my desired result. 

I don’t need a free pass or need to know someone to get what I want. I only want what I earn. Blood, Sweat and Tears. 

Life is too short to hope for a dream. Fight for truth and die a legacy. 

– Tim Foster 2016


A Raft for a Drowning Soul

Pain, confusion, guilt and disappointment rush through his mind like a speeding train. 

Simple things turn complex and destruction follows. Once the tower falls is he too weak to rebuild?

Feeling worthless, tired, alone and scared, this consumes every ounce of his body. 

His cries do not matter, the louder they are means the more silent they are for others. Nobody can hear him, who would want to?

The mess he has caused cannot be erased. The spill stains even the strongest surface. 

He is drowning in his own ocean of pain, each breath is one closer to the end. Can he make it to the top before it’s too late?

He has been down this road many times, the adventure gets old after awhile. He picks a different route, but always ends up at the same dead end. 

Lost, misguided, dysfunctional and irritated, he falls into the trap of life. The cycle continues and he is the pawn. 

A change is needed in his life, who will jump on board to steer him ashore?

Find a struggling soul and make a difference in their life. Something simple and small could be the raft for their drowning soul. You could save a life!

Who Am I?

I signed a lifetime contract to protect, serve and die for my country, brothers and family. 

I am a Warrior that has done and seen things that every day people would never imagine. 

I am a selfless individual that does not have to prove where I have been, just look into my eyes. 

I am often forgot about, shunned, overlooked, homeless, broke and sick. 

I can be your best friend or your worse enemy. 

I fight for dignity, honor, respect and freedom, not for me but for you. 

I continue to fight the enemy long after the war has ended. 

Once my life is over, I will still reek havoc on my enemies 6 feet below. 

My battle never ends!

I am a United States Veteran! 

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