Distraction comes at us from all directions. We often lose focus on who we are, what we want and how we are going to get there. 

Some of us will be fortunate to realize this before it’s too late, others will realize it but not make the necessary changes in order to achieve their goals. 

Life is full of mistakes, fear of the unknown and regret. This side of life is dark and depressing. There is another side of life that most of us strive for. 

Happiness, desire, truth, adventure, wealth, accomplishment and love. These things are very hard to get all at once and most of us spend our entire life chasing after some if not all of them. 

What is my point? Open your eyes, stop complaining about your life if you aren’t doing anything to change it. Don’t give up on yourself, live each day trying to make a difference in your own life and someone else’s life. 

Life is a battle, fight alone if you dare but the outcome will not be so pleasant. Find a friend, soulmate or family member and fight together. Two is better than one and we need all the help we can get because LIFE can suck