Trees rumble softly as the wind flows through the valley.

Children filled with joy, laughing in the distance.

Open your ears and listen. Do you hear the sound of freedom?


The smile on a loved ones face as they achieve something great.

Looking through old photos of family and friends.

Open your eyes and look. Do you see freedom?


Fresh cut grass on a cool spring day.

The aroma of a favorite dinner after a long stressful day.

Take a deep breath. Do you smell freedom?


Fall in love, live your dream and don’t let anyone hold you back.

The price for your freedom has already been paid in full, with blood.


Your hours turn into years for us; your pain, we carry for a lifetime.

The sounds, visions, smells and senses that you enjoy,

We sacrificed our enjoyment of those things the day we signed the dotted line.


We live our life listening to the cries, smelling the carnage and tasting the blood that was paid for your freedom. Sleepless nights, cold hospital rooms and isolation is our norm.

We fought in different battles and have seen different things. One thing in common is we would do it all over again just to know you sleep in peace.


America, we don’t want your pity, your money or sympathy. When we pass all we ask is that you never forget the price of freedom. Don’t forget about them and don’t forget about us.