The voices get louder when I’m all alone. Insecurities trickle through my blood like a cold winter faucet. 

I don’t want to show my face to the world. My life is a mess and I’m covered in pain. 

The struggles eat at me like a slow infestation. It feels as if I’m slowly dying inside. 

Darkness is all I see, where is the light I once had in my life? 

Do you see what I have become? Find me, rescue me from this path of destruction. Carry me away to a place I can be free once again. 

I feel bound and isolated by traumatic memories. Dreams and visions I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. 

My time has come to break free from the dark chains that have kept me down. I realize now the purpose I have in this life. 

I have found solutions to the struggles that affected me for so long. Solutions I cannot solve alone but can trust in those closest to me, victory is in the air. 

Now, every step taken is a step to a goal. When before my steps led me backwards to a place I never want to be again.

The illnesses that control our mind cannot be defeated, but can be controlled. We must accept the things we cannot change and fight to live the life we deserve to live. 

We all have flaws, not one of us is perfect. Let’s show love to everyone we come in contact with. We all deserve to be loved. 

ACCEPT who you are. 

BELIEVE in yourself. 

COMMIT to a better life.