Life is precious, life is short. The days go by in just a blink. 

The tears run down our cheek, it feels like our last breath. Pain rumbles through our heart as we finally let it go. 

The one thing we have held on to for so long, just hoping things would change..the thing that caused us pain and happiness at the same time..well it is finally gone. 

We let it go like a bird being set free into the open sky. The wounds left behind are ever so real, but with time they will turn to scars.

We don’t always choose who or what comes into our life, but we do choose how we accept it or them. 

Something so simple often evolves into a deep fantasy or a dark nightmare. We can’t explain this process or how this evolution works. 

It’s a horrible trap that pulls us apart and forces one life to turn into two. Confusion, excitement, pain, agony, happiness and regret all balled up into one emotion.

The emotion is like a ball of fire that never settles. Flames burst higher than the tallest buildings. The heat melts everything in its path causing destruction on every corner. We are indeed playing with a sinful ball of fire. 

This fire more times than not will be the death of us and cause pain to all who love us. Was it worth it? Life is too short to really know. One moment can erase a lifetime of moments if we allow it. 

Live your life without regret. Live free and live strong. Learn from past mistakes and don’t let the flames control your every breath. Follow your heart but let your mind guide you on the right path. 

We only have one life, let’s make it worth it and put out our last flame.