I very rarely rant about politics but right now I feel I need to. 

Let’s start with the battle between the left and the right, right and wrong, republican and democratic. Are we not “UNITED States of America”? Our country is so divided during this crucial time in our history that it is no wonder Terrorists are laughing in on our face. 

Our home is more vulnerable to be attacked than ever before and what is being done about it? What has changed that is leading us to constantly look over our shoulder? 

I am a Veteran and I have seen good Muslims and bad Muslims just like I have seen good Christians and bad Christians. Religion comes in many beliefs with different Gods or higher powers. 

Every body is talking about Donald Trump and the statement he made about “stopping Muslims from entering the United States UNTIL our leaders can figure out what the hell is going on”.

Is this banning American Muslims? No! This is banning alien Muslims from entering. They are not American and don’t fall under our constitution yet. If there is a trend with a certain profile then why not put it on hold until a plan is reviewed and put into place that will decrease and eliminate these coward attacks? 

To be honest, I think all of our 2016 Presidential candidates are lacking what we really need in a Leader. Unfortunately still one of them will be our Commander in Chief. It is a sad world. 

We can bitch and complain or we can wake up, step up and take care of each other. We must stay vigilant and fight the fight. 

Religion doesn’t make you a bad guy, you make yourself a bad guy. Just because I’m white with tattoos doesn’t mean I’m a racist or a white supremacist. The same with Muslims, it doesn’t mean your a killer.

Now If we had a spike of attacks by white guys with tattoos and the government wanted to shut down the borders and screen all white guys with tattoos and not let any more enter until a program was in place to better screen these people then I would understand. I wouldn’t take offense. 

People take offense way too easy and often get so irritated they forget what they were even upset over. That is our problem America! We are too damn soft and worried about helping everyone else before we help our own people. 

Why is the crime rate and terror attacks sky rocketing right now? Because we are broken and weak. Let’s stand the hell up, stop bickering over what candidate says what, tighten up our armor because we ARE going to war! Ladies and gentlemen the War is already here. 

The only way we will win is if we come together UNITED as one nation and fight the cowards that want to bring us harm. We can’t rely on anyone else but our selves to fight this battle. 


Our leaders will be too busy working on the damn budget or spending a million dollars to travel overseas to talk about the climate. 

These are desperate times people. Desperate measures may not always be politically correct so let’s stop sugar coating everything and tell it how it is! 

– We need to protect our people by any means possible. 

– We need our guns. 

– We need LEADERS to guide us to victory not drag us through the dirt. 

End of Rant…….