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December 2015

Holidays, Heroes and Unity

Twas the night before Christmas and this is what is on my mind.

It is that time of year where people give gifts, share holiday cheer and fill up on delicious food.

Some people believe in Santa Clause, some believe in the birth of Jesus and others simply don’t believe in either or anything.

No matter what someones belief we all have one thing in common. We are free to believe what we want whenever we want due to freedom our forefathers established for us. Those freedoms have continued over the decades due to the heroes that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

There are special days to remember those that served and paid for our freedom in blood. Let’s not just wait until the day comes to remember those that fought for us. Let’s remember them now, today and tomorrow then next day and every morning we wake.

Not everyone is patriotic and not everyone has served in the military. That does not matter. We need to get back to the point where we can join together in unity and put all differences aside.

We need to come together and remember our heroes past and present. We need to turn the t.v. off and dust off the history books to brush up on how we even got here.

As we bring in the new year, let’s dedicate 2016 as a year of unity. We are only strong when we join together as a nation. Other countries look at us and see a divided chaotic mess. This must change!

Last but not least remember this. Heroes do not come in a certain size, ethnicity or background. Heroes are defined as an individual that is selfless, courageous, humble, determined and willing to give up ANYTHING even life itself for someone else’s benefit. 

Heroes are all around us; on the street corner homeless, cold and abandoned by everyone; at the drive thru window trying to support a family off of minimum wage; the old next door neighbor that lives alone and keeps to himself; the lady checking out in front of you with 3 kids, widowed and not enough to pay her bill.

Before you judge someone on the outside, take the time to learn about what is on the inside. The results will shock you. Thank a hero, support our troops and veterans and lets come together for unity in 2016!



The Echoes of a Battered Past

The echoes of a battered past ring through the ears of the weak. 

Strength is not just measured in masculinity but in a combination of mind, body and spirit. 

If one has a strong body and weak mind then what can really be accomplished? The same goes for a strong mind and weak body or even spirit. 

Depression, addiction, anxiety and all of those evil things that try to peel us away from a happy life attack us the hardest when we are weak.

We have to first accept the things we cannot change. One thing we can never change is the past. Don’t dwell on the negative. 

Just like a child learns to walk, we have to learn to walk all over again in a new direction far away from our troubled past. 

If we don’t change our path then we are headed down the road to insanity. Pain will burn throughout our body. Our mind will spiral out of control. We will feel helpless, lost, crazy, emotional and dead to the world. 

What do we do? How do we get away from this destructive path? 

Strengthen the heart and fill it with love. Strengthen the body and make it yours. Strengthen the soul and find your peace. 

We each have our own path. Some short, some long. You will never know if you are on the right path unless you start walking on it. Take a chance, if you fall then get back up. Don’t be perfect, just be you. Train your tongue to speak the truth, nothing else matters. 

Life can be simple if we choose to let go of everything difficult. Let our yes be yes and no be no. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

We have all heard these simple rules but most of them have been placed in the dusty attic to be long forgotten. 

Rewind, Reset, Re-evaluate your purpose in life. What image do you want to set for the next generation? 

Don’t let the echoes of a battered past keep you hidden from your full potential. 

Dark Infestation

The voices get louder when I’m all alone. Insecurities trickle through my blood like a cold winter faucet. 

I don’t want to show my face to the world. My life is a mess and I’m covered in pain. 

The struggles eat at me like a slow infestation. It feels as if I’m slowly dying inside. 

Darkness is all I see, where is the light I once had in my life? 

Do you see what I have become? Find me, rescue me from this path of destruction. Carry me away to a place I can be free once again. 

I feel bound and isolated by traumatic memories. Dreams and visions I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. 

My time has come to break free from the dark chains that have kept me down. I realize now the purpose I have in this life. 

I have found solutions to the struggles that affected me for so long. Solutions I cannot solve alone but can trust in those closest to me, victory is in the air. 

Now, every step taken is a step to a goal. When before my steps led me backwards to a place I never want to be again.

The illnesses that control our mind cannot be defeated, but can be controlled. We must accept the things we cannot change and fight to live the life we deserve to live. 

We all have flaws, not one of us is perfect. Let’s show love to everyone we come in contact with. We all deserve to be loved. 

ACCEPT who you are. 

BELIEVE in yourself. 

COMMIT to a better life. 

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