You cannot see my wounds. You cannot feel my pain. You cannot hear my cries.

I walk on this earth using the same feet that rushed into and out of harms way. My body is in one piece by my soul is wounded.

The thoughts cloud my head like a category 5 hurricane. The storm rushes throughout my body causing panic and anxiety.

Even though each day is different, the pain remains the same. The damage has already been done, now I must force myself to remain strong.

As I walk through a crowd my senses are on high alert. Head on a swivel and the hunting instinct kicks in. Who is out to get me? Who is ready for a date with the devil? 

I may look like a normal human being. Tattoos, educated speech, witty humor and all of my fingers and toes. What you don’t see are the invisible scars and my wounded soul.

I would not wish these wounds on anyone. Sleepless nights and heated battles with myself. I am my own worst enemy.