Her words are like fire, scorching me with every vowel. 

I throw up my shield but cannot block each sharp sound. 

I have fought her tongue for so long, my very soul has weakened. 

The motions are on repeat, every day becomes the same routine. 

The constant sting has made me numb. The wounds get deeper, the scars get bigger. 

When will enough be enough? I get weaker by the day. 

Do you see what I have become? A mangled piece of flesh still sizzling from the last battle. 

It’s time to stand my ground and fight harder against the monster she has become. 

It’s time to slay the evil tongue with wisdom and power. 

I will remove myself from the shadows of evil and become a strong warrior once again. 

I am now equipped with what I need to defend against the wrath of her wicked ways. 

I will not conform to a life of pain and tribulations anymore. Today I start my new journey with a victory I can declare.