A Winter Solstice is an astronomical phenomenon where the shortest day and longest night of the year co-exist.

The darkest day of the year, this fits my life perfectly. The struggles that I have faced have been very dark and troublesome.

Though not everyone faces the same struggle, the feeling of hopelessness, anger, frustration, loneliness and rage swallow us whole. 

These emotions often bottle up inside of us until the pressure is so great that they explode like a great volcano. We let emotion control our actions, words and most importantly us.

I call this the emotional solstice. It’s not a pretty phenomenon but it doesn’t have to be as ugly as we often let it. How we react to the struggles thrown our way will potentially determine our fate.

My life has been very dark but the light is finally glistening off of the darkness. In time the light will open up a whole new world and happiness will once again be found.

Hang on, buckle up, stand strong and never give up!