As the sun falls slowly over the horizon, the cold air hits me like an electric shock. 

My body freezes for a split second, allowing my thoughts to catch up with me. 

The stress in my life is currently like a hurricane. Crashing down on me creating devastation and chaos. 

My mind is a mess. Wreckage from the storm of life lays scattered throughout every thought. 

At every moment I clear a mess, another 2 come right behind it. 

There are moments I want to give up, throw in the towel and end this devastating cycle. 

In these moments I am reminded I am not alone. I will be strong and continue to fight this fight. 

Life is too precious to throw it all out. I don’t trust many, but I will allow just a couple chosen few to guide me through this journey. 

If you feel like it’s the very end then you are all alone. Find someone or a higher power to accept and guide you through the thick struggles that you face. 

We battle our mind but forget that we don’t have to fight alone. We are stronger together so don’t ever forget that!