We volunteered to serve our country with Pride and Dignity. 

We gave up a normal life for a life full of discipline, structure, pain, war, blood and loss. 

Many of us did not make it home. For those of us that did – we get welcomed with grief, chaos, broken systems, physical and mental illnesses and a slew of other problems. 

We don’t get treated like heroes, nor should we. The heroes paid the ultimate price so we could come home and so you can sleep safe at night

We deserve more than what we get. We don’t ask for much – this is what we want : Respect, acceptance into society, real help with our service related issues and for the system to follow through with their promises… 

America, we call on you to join with us. Support us as we fight for what we deserve. Suicide, Financial Hardship, Homelessness and Addiction are just a few struggles we face day to day. 

We want you to hear our Warrior Cry! We can raise our voices loud enough to shake every mountain on earth. We had your back, now have ours. 

Join the movement to make a change!

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