Who are you to judge me?
Who are you to laugh in my face ?

You are stuck in your fantasy world and hail yourself as queen. 

Reality shows how pathetic you really are. Your a wicked troll that scours social media looking for your prey. 

You feed on the weakness of others while ignoring your own insecurities. 

Who are you to say my name?

Who are you to tell me how to live?

You are starving for attention and stop at nothing until you devour your next victim.  

When will you look yourself in the mirror and see the real bitch behind the fake pathetic face. 

Fix your own life before you dig up others. Take out an early reservation in hell if you plan to attack me again.

Listen to these words as they scrape through your ears. Hold them close because its the only heat you will get for your cold lonely soul. 

Only a coward attacks the weak. I will not let your stupidity trample on top of me anymore. 

I hold my shield with a strong firm grip and will not let the lies and deceit penetrate my heart. The battle I won, has just begun.