Do you know me? 
Do You really know me? 
Do you speak my language? 
Do you understand me?

For decades I have shown you. 
Who I really am. 

The late nights, long phone calls. 
Sneaking out at night. 

Can you read my thoughts? Better yet, can you read my lips?

The world I live in, is not your reality. 
We are separated by false expectations. 

I am a puzzle. I have different pieces. 
I might even be missing pieces. 

I am damaged, dirty and dull. 
I have been passed around a million blocks. 

No one has ever really found me.
I live an invisible life. Plain and simple. 

I get scared easy, I am weak. 
I am lost and full of emotion. 

Do you comprehend what I’m saying?

I have scars deep within. Wounds that will never heal. 

If you choose to stay, I can’t guarantee your happiness. I will do what I can, with what I have, to give you the best life I know how to give. 

All I have is me. I don’t have fancy cars or lots of money. Just a heart that I’m ready to share. 

– Tim Foster 2015