Which way will the wind blow tomorrow? I’m ready for it to change its pace.

I feel trapped in a tunnel, the harsh wind blowing against me.

Every step forward I take, I’m forced to take two steps backward.

I’m getting nowhere fast. I’m weak and tired of running against the current.

I just need a moment of peace, to finally reach the light.

I cry to the heavens to pause their gusty howl. Desperate and focused I will not quit.

Perseverance and strength overcame me, that’s when the winds died down.

I am within reach of the light, this moment in time satisfies the open wounds.

No longer in the dark, I am stronger than before. When the storm comes, I am ready.

Stand by my side, bring your mighty confidence. Fight this battle with me.

We are not alone, we are special in our own way. Defeat is not an option, Victory is the only option.

Life is precious, fragile and harsh. Don’t let the easy days fool you.

Train for the worst, hope for the best but expect nothing less.

Now, no matter how hard the wind blows. We will not let it push us back to the lost dark tunnel.

The direction does not matter anymore – the storm can come – the wind can blow.

We are on the right path, nothing will stop us now!