This dark and twisted mind of mine has done it again. Sucked me into a translucent blend of reality and darkness. 

I will fight this monster with my sharpest sword. Digging deep into my arsenal I grab my mighty weapon. 

I strike the demon with everything I got. My body is weak and wounds have opened. I am at my most vulnerable state, do I quit and accept defeat?

Hell-No! I cry out to my brothers guarding the pearly gates. They come down and fight this battle with me. One by one sending the demons back to where they belong.

Victory is my life moving forward. Defeat is not an option. Beaten, scared and worn I march back to the path I was on. I mend my wounds, tighten up my boots and step forward to another mile. 

Let’s go! Each and every one of you. Pick up your pack and assault this enemy. They bring us down, make us weak, mess with our head, no-more! Full force, no mercy until our dying breathe. 

A Warrior we are, a Hero they see.