We go through life looking for our soul mate. We fall in love, get married, have kids then fall out of love, get divorced, re-marry, have more kids, divorce again. – it seems like a never ending cycle. 

How do we break the chain? How do we find true love? 

Better yet, how do we know true love finds us!? 

Here is a description of how true love found me:

A warm sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. Birds chirping away, a light wind from the south. 

Passion fills my lungs as I inhale the fragrance of a thousand roses. 

I look into the eyes of a goddess and my heart melts like butter. It runs through my veins like molten lava; Scorching every bruise, wound and scar, creating a brand new canvass. 

I pull her into my warm body and embrace the power of love. An instant burst of energy molds our bodies into one. 

Just when I thought it was the best it could get, I lean in for the kiss that struck me like a flash of lightning. Causing a shock that tingled up and down my body, electrifying every nerve, sending me to my knees. 

My body was numb, my mind overloaded with images of perfection. I fell into the web that put me together again. 

My life now complete, a happiness that could only come from the chosen one. 

She was the piece that completed my puzzle.  She was my perfect puzzle piece! 

Ladies and gents, is your puzzle complete? Did you find the missing piece? Don’t give up, when it comes around you will know! 

Grab a hold of your self esteem, bring it higher than its ever been. Fill every ounce of yourself with confidence and take what is rightfully yours! Don’t settle for less, find your perfect piece.