It wasn’t long ago that I was living my life without a Super Power. The day’s seemed long and I felt helpless. 

Guilt, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Pain, selfishness and addiction consumed my body, thoughts and actions. 

The day I opened up and sought help everything changed, I found my Super Power. It was hidden deep within the tip of a pen. 

I grabbed a hold of it and it took me on a journey like no other. One by one my power started to fight off the demons that I thought were permanently housed within. 

Furiously my pen took quick action and brought me to a world of beauty and selflessness. My power soothes the pain and heals the wounds. 

My Super Power is sharper than a two edged sword, it is mightier than any Hercules of modern day. 

I must be careful with my super power, I am my own kryptonite. I will hold tight and let it guide me. One day into the next, never looking back. 
Find your Super Power and allow it to heal you. Don’t be afraid, let it guide you. Use your Super Power to help others and together we can make this world great again!