Like a bird, high in the sky, I fly weightless with not a care in the world.

The intense pain that consumed me is finally unchained and was cast to the depths of hell.

I can see clearly now, my vision is not blurred. The world is much brighter and I’m not so slurred.

It took many years of agony to reach this point in life. It was my own selfish being that allowed myself to hurt.

The message I send offers hope to even the weakest. It’s not too late to turn your clock around.

Put your left foot forward and you have taken your first step. Do it again and you are much closer than before.

Grab a hold and hang on tight. The ride will be bumpy but at the end of the tunnel, I do see light.

Lace up your shoes and put on your buckle, get ready because this new world will blow you away.

Come with me, don’t look back. Feel the freedom in your fingertips as you fly away with me.