I remember the day as if it were yesterday. The smile on her face could put anyone in a daze.

I was shy and distant, but it was as if a bridge was instantly built to connect our hearts.

I slowly crossed the bridge, hanging on to the rails, I swept her off her feet once I seen it was real.

That very moment every clock stood still. Earths beautiful creatures created a delicate nest for us to fall into.

What would be the first word you say to the love of your life, if you knew for a fact it was her before you embraced?

Words these days don’t mean a thing, it’s the actions you take that speak your fate.

When opportunity knocks, will you open the door? Your clock could stop sooner than you think.

Passion, beauty, honesty, courageous, risky, sexy, graceful? What is the recipe to stop your clock?

When that moment comes and time does stop, what will you do with it? Will you turn a moment into a lifestyle or will you let it fade away?

We control our own destiny, the actions we take, the decisions we don’t make. You can always close the door on opportunity but will it ever come your way again?

Live for today and throw away yesterday. Make the moment your life and fill it with love. Give your partner an orgasmic experience that no one could touch.

We live in a society that settles for less. Give yourself credit and take what is rightfully yours. Use the powers vested in you to grab your ingredients to make your moment. Get rid of the trash and clean the plate, you are creating your own fate.

Live, Love, Laugh just 3 simple words. Come now, let’s take this journey.

Live: Be like a flower, swaying in the field, you absorb the light and reflect your beauty. Standing alone or with a hundred others you are always the same. You don’t change colors or fragrances, your exquisiteness is always graceful, simple and pure.

Love: Expose your heart and open your soul. Embrace the warmth and cover the cold. Give to the poor and share yourself more.

Laugh: Wake up in the morning with joy in your heart. Find a little humor from the very start. Laughter is the best medicine and helps the heart. Don’t be afraid to share your laugh, you never know whose day it will make.

The time has come to end this quest. I hope you found the things you need. Find your moment and stop your clock. Your time is now ticking, so go now before it’s too late.