We hold a bond that cannot be explained. A piece of our heart is forever changed. 

When you are away the nights are long.

We try to sleep but all we can do is weep. 

We go through our day in silence. 

Just to ensure we can hear the phone ring. 

If we miss your call then our hearts break. 

The wounds are very real, the pain will last a lifetime. 

If we hear a knock our stomach drops. 

We pray to God it’s not what we think.  

When we hear about a fallen member. 

We band together and support each other. 

We are stronger than you could ever imagine. We are forged together with powerful tears. 

The battle we face is not like theirs, but the battle is fierce and leaves scars that will last forever. 

We count each day until you are home. 

We will spend our last dime just to send you love from home. 

We are proud, humble, strong and true.

We are fighting a different kind of battle.