What has this world come to that you must cast stones in each others eyes. 

You bicker back and forth over topics that will not change the world were in. 

You waste your time shunning the bright and you focus on causing destruction to the broken. 

We are not perfect, each soul is precious in its own way. Stop downplaying human life and focus your energy on coming up with a solution to fix that problem, not cause the problem. 

Each and everyone of us have some sort of struggle or demon inside. Let’s lean on each other and fight the battle together. We can be strong, we can be mighty, we can rise up and show them that we are ONE. 

When we see someone falling, let’s pick them up and bandage them, not add salt to their wounds. 

You get a high off of making us cry. I have news for you, these tears will be the death of you. 

We are a family, let’s hold on tight and take each step together. We will not be defeated and we will not leave another alone. 

We find power through the tears that we all share. Together we will soak them up and drown the ones that caused them.  

Hold my hand as we step forward and never look back! We are the Mighty Ones!