The train moves swiftly along its tracks.  

It carries people and things from place to place. 

The engine roars while the lurid horn ricochets through the hills. 

Our life is like a powerful train. We start the ride from the day we say our very first word. 

Every decision we make determines how fast our train will travel. The worthy will slow her down and the wicked will speed her up. 

Every gamble is a mile faster. Just a sip will raise the gauge. An extra pill will tip the bucket.

The faster we go, the greater chance we have to derail. Our doom is imminent, the choices become more difficult. 

The rush takes over our mind. The emotion flows through our veins like a rushing rapid. It feels so good, but we know devastation will come soon. Will this be our last “one more time”?

If we jump now we will get wounded. The pain will seem excruciating but the only other option is to ride the rails to our destruction. 

We will be our own obliteration. We determine our very own fate.  Do we slow our train down and jump or wait to wreck this wicked train. 

If we wait then we will cause more collateral damage, causing more hurt to family, friends and everyone in our life. I don’t want them to feel my pain.

One, two, and three I jump. Catch me if you can. Pick me up and wipe the blood. My body is weak and I am confused. 

I’m here, alive and now well. My wounds are healing, I jumped just in time.

The struggle is not easy, but the outcome is far better than the crash. There is a time in our life that our train is going too fast, we must jump before it’s too late. We then get on another train to go on a different journey. A journey that is not full of deceit, addiction and pain but filled with life, love and joy.

When will you leave your wicked train?