Our nation is broke, damaged and torn. We have been at war 222 out of 239 years since we were born. We are tired, poor and hungry. Our children are growing up in a world without peace.

Over 1.1 MILLION Americans have been killed in all U.S. Wars. That is equivalent to the population of the state Montana. The blood that has been shed and loved ones lost was to protect the freedoms that we have and if something isn’t done soon then it will all be for nothing.

We have the world’s longest surviving written charter of government, THE CONSTITUTION and we are at the threshold of even losing that.

We have leaders that care more about their wallet then they do about our well-being. We give more to other countries then we care for our own.

We have a system that has proven time and time again to fail, yet we do nothing to fix it. We instead add more turmoil to fuel the fire.

We don’t need just a change, we need leaders that will regain control and make this country what it used to be!

Our flag is dirty, worn and dejected. We need to be revived and repaired so we can fly our colors high and proud.

The enemy looks at us and laughs. We look like undisciplined children fighting over bread. Our image is tainted and defective.

Who will answer the call to reshape and strengthen our liberty? Who will stand up for us and show the enemy who we really are? As Americans it is our responsibility to rise together with one voice and demand what we deserve!