My body is still but my soul is restless. My eyes are closed but my mind is running. The pain is numbing. 

The struggle is determining memory from reality. My head needs rest, just one night of peace and sleep.  

The thoughts consume me more when I feel weak. My senses are on overload and I’m on heightened alert. 

A small sound will trigger a jolt in me. It causes me to be frantic and scared. I try to hide the emotion and ignore it completely but all you see is anger or sorrow. 

This feeling is like a plague. It eats every inch of me until there is nothing left. It causes my voice to mute and all I have left is a hand reaching out. 

I’m sick and confused. If I reach out will you grab me? Will you hold me close? My disease is not curable, can you handle this?

The only treatment is love, patience and compassion. There will be times you want to give up and throw in the towel. There will be moments you will want to cast me away and shun my disease. 

Knowing all this do you still want to me? All I have is a broken soul and a scarred heart. The only promise I can make is I will fight this until the day I die.