My invisible tears are stained upon my cheek. You cannot see them, but they are there. When I look into the mirror I can see the pain that caused them. Each one is made up of different memories, causing my heart to throb and fear sets in.

Fear of the unknown, fear of what I do know. The memories haunt my soul and cause a race inside me. This race has no end, just a continuous vicious circle. This causes me to feel alone, tired and helpless.

My invisible tears cannot be removed, they have created a scar deep within my skin. These tears are made up of all the struggles through my life. The good, bad and ugly. They are so detailed that nobody else could truly understand.

The struggle to hold onto my emotion has ended and now you can see my tears. Even though the scars cannot be seen, I will show you my pain. Hold them close for they are fragile and delicate. Soak them up and keep them close. Share them with the world and let them feel the power within. Share my tears as you decide what to do with yours!