Kids these days are brought up around a world that feeds on socialism. Social networking, video games and cell phones replace the park, carnivals and ice cream shops. We are stereotyped, grouped and outcast by our looks, beliefs and popularity. This starts from the very first day a child steps into a school.

If you fit into the majority then you get the easy ticket, if not then life as you knew it is gone.  You will be shunned, bullied, robbed, beat and sent on an emotional roller coaster for the rest of your life until you either conform to the majority of society or take a stand for yourself and others that face similar struggles.

At a young age we don’t choose the life we live, it is given to us. We are abused, traumatized and taken advantage of by people who are supposed to love us. Parents, authority figures or complete strangers take advantage of our weakness. These events make us think that we are nothing and life is not ours to live. These feelings on top of not being the majority in a public setting bring on depression, anxiety, addiction, ptsd and all sorts of mental illness. We then get classified by the majority as being different and weird.

A lot of times it’s not our fault, it’s the way we have been raised or circumstances that came into our life. We don’t choose this life, but we have to deal with it. The one’s that had a good child hood and the perfect life, well they have issues too. Some of them might have went into the military and seen and done things they wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy. Others might have been in a car accident or had some other traumatic event happen in their life and now have flashbacks, nightmares or fear everywhere they go.

The one’s that shunned the shy kid in school now face their own adversity. Some say this might be karma. How do we fix this? How do we overcome these struggles? How do we stop the madness and adapt? What is normal?

In my opinion the first step is to educate the young people. They need educated on mental illness and how it affects someone. Just because you have a mental illness doesn’t mean you can’t live like everyone else. It doesn’t classify you as a freak or alien. Kids need to be encouraged to interact with all types of people regardless off health, race or belief. It’s not the school bully’s fault that he is making fun of the short kid, it’s the parents and authority figures in that bully’s life.

If parents and educators did more to instill equality in their children just think of the impact that would have. If children were more educated on mental illness and weren’t so fixed on associating with just the “In” crowd then we wouldn’t be hearing about the school shootings or the missing runaway kids. The problem is many people don’t know anything about these hidden enemies and what they do know about them is false.

We hear people talk about guns all the time. If we just banned certain types of guns or take that right away from certain people then all of our problems would be solved. Wrong! How about we treat the problem behind the trigger instead of taking away the trigger. It would be like taking away everyone’s right to eat fast food just because a small percentage of people are overeating and becoming obese. Punishing everyone is not going to fix a problem. The only way to fix it is by taking a stand and educating people. The biggest problem we face in society is being uneducated. Even with all the technology and media resources, we still are uneducated on very important issues that are dragging our people into the dirt.

Most people don’t take the initiative to learn about cancer, depression or other health problems until they get diagnosed or someone close to them is. If we only learned the truth before it impacted us, think of all the other people we could help. We could actually come together as one and help each other! It sounds good, looks good but the only way its going to work is to execute it.

Lets take a stand together! Lets start with our children and change the way they think. Peel them away from the electronic babysitter and teach them how to treat others as they would want to be treated. You don’t have to be a parent to teach a child, you might be an aunt, uncle, teacher or preacher. We all have some type of interaction with children, lets take advantage of that and do the right thing. One person might not be able to change the way the world thinks, but collectively we can achieve this. We have to start somewhere before it’s too late!

© Tim Foster 2015