Isn’t it amazing how a simple smell can rejuvenate the soul. A quick sniff can put you in a far away place. While you are out on a walk you take in the odor of the fresh-cut grass. Trimming the flower bed you savor the sweet aroma of the flowers.

When grocery shopping you make an extra slow trip down the coffee isle while breathing in a small piece of heaven. There seems to be perfect timing and placement of certain smells that just fill you with joy.

Over the winter holidays the trace of pine puts you in the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving and the nice warm pumpkin pie that you can taste as it travels from the stove through the air.

One by one these smells can send us to our knees as we crave the very essence behind them. They trigger something in our body that puts a smile on our face.

Take a moment through the busy day, close your eyes and allow your senses to calm you. Take a deep breath and follow the journey!

© Tim Foster – 2015