We get to a point in life that we long for something new. We want something exciting and fresh. The old is like an ember, close to dying out.

What is it we long for? What is this new thing? I believe we don’t really know, but when opportunity knocks we will be the first to open the door. We just want something new. 

The days seem to be longer but not much change. We continue to get the same results, even after change in our routines. We don’t give up hope in finding something new. 

We want love and happiness and to feel complete again. We want to feel special, important and unique. We long for a new smell, a new touch, a new laugh just something new. 

Will new ever find us or will it always be a dream? We can’t rekindle the old because it’s already turned to ash. We wipe away our daily tears and just hope the new is near. 

A new life, a new love, a new job or even a new home. We might want one or all of these new things. The urge is strong and controls our mind. 

Don’t give up on finding the new, it may soon just find you! 
© Tim Foster – 2015