Today let’s remember, just what this country stands for. 14 years ago terrorist tried to break this country apart by penetrating our lines and causing havoc.

We are strong and we do not tolerate anyone or anything that tries to attack our people or land. We are mighty and fierce.
We will not stop until justice is served. We will fight until our last breath. We will search, find and destroy the enemy foreign or domestic.

We challenge you to test our waters, push our buttons. You will be sorry you did, we will come at you 10 fold. Others will be terrified and shake in their boots. Don’t mess with us and we won’t mess with you!

Today remember what we lost, but also what we gained. The moment the towers went down was a moment we became stronger.

We came together, supported each other than we wiped our tears and went after the ones that caused us pain. We looked them in the eye and took back what they took from us.

We might not have retrieved the beautiful people who were lost, but we obtained pride and strength. The memories of those that were lost will live on, they did not die in vain.

This day is not just any other day. It is a day we celebrate life, liberty, justice and strength of a nation. We will always remember September 11th!

© Tim Foster – 2015