Would you walk a mile in my shoes if you knew where I had been? If you knew what I had to go through to get here, would you take the same path?

My shoes are worn, battered and torn. They have walked more miles than can be remembered. They have treched through high water, mud and filth.

Would you walk a mile in my shoes if in the end it brought you a smile? If you knew the pain my shoes caused, would it matter?

My shoes are rugged, old and dirty. They have been walked on, drug through the dirt and have survived the worst storms. They have caused blisters and sores.

Would you walk in my shoes if it brought you something new? Could you handle when they hurt or smell?

As I stand in my shoes, I stand taller than before. My head up high, I am not ashamed. I’m proud of the journey I have been on and if it hadn’t been for my shoes then I wouldn’t have made it here.

Knowing all this, would you walk in my shoes?

© Tim Foster – 2015