The moment made my body freeze. There is a picture of the moment ingrained in my head, I see it all the time. Words don’t make sense and my head is jumbled. It’s crazy how a moment can change your whole world.

Not a day goes by that I don’t remember the moment. It replays over and over like a broken record. Everything that I did up to that point makes perfect sense, if anything had change then I would have missed that moment.

The emotions that the moment caused, run through me like the rushing rapids. Life, Love, Happiness and Misery all grouped into one. The world paused at that very moment, nothing else mattered.

When that moment comes into your life, you want it to last forever. If there was just a way to stay in the moment and never let it go. The moment is so strong that even just the memory of the moment makes everything ok.

No matter how bad life gets, all I have to do is remember that moment. It makes everything bad go away and fills me with the energy to make it another day. This moment is the day that I met you!

© Tim Foster -2015