Marines! The most intellectual, arrogant, vulgar, alcoholics that you will ever meet. From drinking in the barracks, just wearing silkies to morning formation runs while still being drunk.

Pulling the butts on the rifle range, while talking about the girl from the previous night. This band of brothers is like no other.

NJPs, working parties and MREs. 3 things that is familiar to every Marine. Deployment stashes and maybe some rashes. The brotherhood will never end. We might share booze and boobs but our pride remains inside.

We might seem like rebels, but when it comes down to it. We know our job inside and out and will give up our life to protect each other.

We live and breathe the smell of the gun. Fresh hot brass is better than a piece of ass, this is our brotherhood. We put on our blues, stand tall and look good. We earned the title, we will die with the title, United States Marine!

© Tim Foster – 2015