The love of Corps is ingrained in our soul. The yellow footprints will forever be tattooed on the bottom of our feet.

Devil Dog-Warrior-Marine! The three words that will send chills through your bones. Left Foot-Drill Foot-Kill Foot. Only Marines will understand.

It’s a bond that is instilled deep within our souls. We made a deal with the devil when we signed the dotted line. We are the only ones that can say we’ve been to hell and back and live to tell about it.

Lights! Lights! Lights! The words echo through our ears just like a 5.56 round cracking over our head. Racks, Rucks and Footlockers will be memories that will never fade.

The only song that will ever make us snap to attention is the Marine Corps Hymn. The tune, the words, doesn’t matter your age. During that moment nothing else matters as we reflect on the history of our beloved Corps!

Goodnight Chesty, Dan and Smedley!

© Tim Foster – 2015