Do you ever feel as if you are a ghost or like you are physically here but your mind is in another place? Do you feel lost or invisible to humankind?

We often find ourself so wrapped up in our struggles that we feel helpless, confused, lost or even non-existent. We go through the day, dead to ourself but alive to others. Lost in our own pain and suffering, just hanging on by a thread.

A lot of times we feel as if nobody cares, or we ignore the ones that try to help. We get comfortable in our pain, pill after pill until we feel invisible. It weakens us and masks the pain.

Our soul is very much alive but our body is dead. We walk the streets in a daze, often living in our memories. Two different worlds, but we long for just one.

We must find our life again. Awaken it from the dead and rejuvenate ourself to walk without a daze. Not hiding behind a pill or feeling sorry for ourself, we open up for help and take back control.

Let’s show the world just what we can offer. We are somebody and a purpose we do have. To take care of each other and ourself too. Stay strong and live for now, release the past and prepare for the future!
© Tim Foster – 2015