Reflections are often referred to as images that are bounced off of another object without absorbing it. These reflections can be light reflecting off of a mirror or a shadow on the ground.

Reflections can also be meditation or a look into your past. Some might call it “A trip down memory lane”.  If we are able to take a look at important decisions we made in the past that might not have been the right decision, then in theory we should be able to make a different decision in the future in order to obtain a different outcome.

Sometimes we are able to learn from our mistakes, but all too often we still end up making the same mistake more than once. Why do we do this? Why do we expect a different result but still make the same decision?

Easy, Convenient and Faster. It is so much easier to say yes than no, in some circumstances. It is convenient and faster to make the same decision you already made in the past because there is not much thinking and rationalization involved.

There comes a time in our life that we put determination in the front and we realize we must change certain habits in order to achieve whatever goal we set for ourself. We must reflect on past decisions and ensure we don’t take the wrong way twice because doing so would weaken our determination.

Today, reflect on the past, change any bad into good and keep whatever good you have strong. Today is a new day and no matter what we do we can’t change the past. But we can ensure we don’t live the same mistake twice. Control your own future, don’t let bad decisions control it for you!

© Tim Foster – 2015