The journey we live is not always pleasant. It can seem long, hard and overwhelming at times. It is however our journey to eternity.

There are times that we get off our path and end up adding more stress to our journey. This journey is not meant to be done alone and during hard times we need each other more than ever on our journey to eternity.

Things don’t always go our way, if it did then our journey would already be over. Enjoy every step, smile and opportunity on this journey. Doing this will make the journey much brighter. When you break down just remember to pick the right tools and before you know it, you will be back on your journey to eternity.

Everyone’s journey is different so don’t get discouraged when you pass by others along the way. If we all had the same journey then we would have no need for each other, which could be quite lonely. Don’t give up, don’t rush, slow down and take a breath on your journey to eternity.

© Tim Foster – 2015