To the future President of the United States:

We watch the circus on T.V, back and forth it makes our head spin. We don’t care if your Republican or Democrat, Male or Female, Black or White, Rich or Poor.

We need a Commander-in-Chief that will stand up for us when we need it most. Not just when we are getting paid to serve our country, but more importantly when we aren’t getting paid to serve our country. In a failed economy, we need a leader that will fight alongside the ones that fought to keep this country free.

We don’t need a President, we need a “LEADER” that won’t hide behind congress or blame the previous guy. We need a Leader! A leader that will be courageous, humble and strong! A leader that will not be afraid to get his hands dirty like the rest of us. We need a leader that has been there, experienced the pain and suffering, that has heard the cries of those that shed blood for our freedom!

We need a Leader that won’t be afraid to fight when the punches get thrown, someone who won’t throw up his hands and run the other way but face the enemy eye to eye and demand victory! We are a mighty country and we need an even mightier Leader!

We are sick and tired of waiting in the lines, waiting for the mail, waiting for the phone call, months upon months, years upon years just to get rejected by the very system that we sacrificed so much for. We don’t need a new system, we don’t need to spend millions of dollars. We don’t want someone who will take the easy route, just throw it away and get something new. We need someone who will take the time and dedication to fix what we have and ensure we get what we DESERVE!

It’s easy to pay someone to write your daily speech, but we need someone who knows what needs to be done, knows what needs to be said and just gets it done! We have the strongest military in the world, lets show the rest of the world just how strong we are. We sit back and watch the terror on T.V while our President plays his 9th hole.

Let us have our guns and show ISIS and every terrorist in the world that we are not to be messed with. Let’s stand by our Ally’s and rebuild our nation. It is broken, vulnerable and painful to see. Let us show them that they are either with us or against us. Those that are against us will be cast out like a leper, shunned from the world! We don’t ask for much, but what we do ask for is to hear our VOICE!


Your Veterans

© Tim Foster – 2015