The earth is dry, thirsty and aching for just a drop of water. The colors are changing from bright and full of life to dull and dark. Its been so long since mother nature has tasted the cool, sweet taste of falling water drops.

The sky is filled with sun and seems so happy. Not having a care in the world while the life on the ground suffers so much. It has been so long since both worlds have helped each other. The earth calls out to the sky asking for just a light sprinkle!

The sky gives in and opens up, allowing a light sprinkle to fall to the ground. The sprinkles shower the lifeless plants, flowers, ground and trees.   The sprinkle ignites their beauty, comes back to life and allows them to press forward another day.

Our life often gets dry, thirsty and aches. This thing called life, we are in a drought. We cry out to others to pour down their rain on us so we might come back to life. Its a shame we have to cry, should others not offer just a light sprinkle if they see us struggle. Be a light sprinkle in someone else’s life today! A smile, hello or shoulder to cry on can fill a thousand rivers with just a light sprinkle.

© Tim Foster – 2015