I used to be free, happy and strong. I would laugh and smile every single day. When I would wake up, my focus would be to live my life as if it were my last day. Today my soul is held hostage. The guilt rips me a part and the pain is unlike any other. This feeling makes me sick and I think there is no way out. I just want to break free from the things that chain me down.

There is no more smile or laughter. The thoughts that consume my head are far worse than any nightmare. I am a prisoner of my self-inflicted pain. This all could have been avoided if I would have just said no! I gave in to the struggle that most of us do. Feeling empty, lost and alone my soul is held hostage because I did not say no.

Nobody else can save me for I must save myself first. I must finally say no to the drug that just looks so good. This drug comes in many shapes, sizes and identities. It is Evil, deceitful and disguised by fake beauty and promise.
What is your drug and when are you going to finally say no? When are you going to let go of the thing that is holding your soul,emotion and life hostage? Do you even realize the control this thing has?

How do we live new, if we give up the very thing that has been directing us for so long. The fear of starting new and showing people who we really are is a fear that would make even the worst nightmare seem like heaven.
The impossible is not impossible. Believe in yourself! Believe you can take control of YOUR life and take control now. If you wait until tomorrow it might just be too late!

© Tim Foster – 2015