She is torn and battered with open wounds. This life she lives she did not wish. The hurt she caused can never be reversed. She stares at the bottles and wonders why this is her. Dazed, confused, lost and tired. She takes one pill and then another. Does she take another and end it all or stay this course and continue to fight herself?

Scared of herself and what she has done, she picks up a phone and calls a friend. I’ll be right there as fast as I can. She stares into space and feels the air. It lifts her high without a scare.  She wants the pain to end but doesn’t think it can. There’s too much to erase and she is running out of time. She asked for help but now it’s too late.

She now is looking at herself from above. She looks so sad and pale. She sees the tears she caused by leaving this world. She changed so many lives by her selfish act. They all look so sad, but she never knew they even cared.

It’s too late for her, but it’s not too late for you. If you think this life sucks then imagine looking from above at the pain that was caused by ending something beautiful, not for a moment but for eternity.

Who are we to take ourself and destroy the love that others have for us? Family and friends, lives changed forever in just a blink of an eye. They will never be the same.

© Tim Foster – 2015