Drew feels like he is completely isolated from the outside world. He feels as if he is in a dark bubble everywhere he goes. People can’t see this bubble, to them he looks completely normal.

Drew is in a very dark place. Scared and shamed. The dark place is controlling him and becomes so strong that it just becomes a way of life. He thinks no one will ever know.

He wants to leave this dark place but it has left scars that he doesn’t want anyone to see. He can hide them while he is in his dark bubble.

The dark place can be anything that takes you away from who you really are. Addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD are the common dark places but there are so many more.

When we are alone and hide we are vulnerable and the darkness will control us. So how do we escape the dark place? You can’t always escape the bubble but you can escape the darkness.

When we escape the darkness we open ourself up to others and they are able to see the real US. They are able to see the bubble but it is no longer dark!

We can live a full healthy life in our clear bubble. When we accept who we are and don’t let the darkness control us. We can escape the dark and when we do we can help each other!

© Tim Foster – 2015