I hear his cries at night. There are times I don’t know what to do and I get scared. I love him so and just want to take a way the pain.

He is such a special man. I would do anything to make him happy. I ask him questions about the inner scars, most of the time he ignores the question but when he speaks I try to listen.

I can see the invisible tears and I just want to help. How can I help if he doesn’t let me in. I know there is a smile that I must find. I will find it even if it’s the death of me.

He looks lost and out-of-place, but I try to pick him up and place him back on the path he was on before. I know he hasn’t forgotten how to live, I must stay patient and allow him to heal.

It’s so hard because I can feel his pain, he acts like I don’t understand and never will. It’s not about me understanding but being a team. Let me in, let me help you heal. I promise to keep a gentle touch and give you space to fully grow into the man I know you are!

I will not give up on you, just know I am here. I will not allow the demons to win and I will fight by your side til the very end!

© Tim Foster – 2015