Isolation and addiction consume his body. The freaks inside is complicated and unique. To others he may look and feel like everyone else but he is far from it. His mind is like a maze and hardly ever finds the right path.

If people really knew how complex the disease really is would they still treat him the same way? Most of the time even the freak can’t understand himself or what he does. He is lost and looking for answers.

The freak could be anyone, it could be your polite neighbor next door that seems harmless and kind. It could be the lady at the cafe that always has a smile on her face. It could be your co-worker that has excelled at his job and is up for promotion. The thing is the freak could be anyone, even us.

Is being a freak a bad thing? No, not at all. It can actually be a good thing. If you look at the definition of freak, it just means someone different or acting differently. We are all different in a special way. We can all classify as a freak of some sort.

We have to determine what king of freak we will be. We can turn our differences into good if we really try. Everyone has different circumstances and different lifestyles. Some of us get to choice how we live, others don’t get to choice so much. No matter what we ultimately choose how to deal with our differences or struggles.

If we take our pain, our struggle and turn it around to something positive then we can use it to help others. This is easier said than done but with the right help and support we can be Freaks for the good and if enough of us turn into good Freaks then we can potentially turn this poor world around for the good! What kind of Freak will you be today?

© Tim Foster – 2015