Have you ever felt like you needed to escape from life or take a time out? It is very common for us to get overwhelmed with stress, finances, emotions and many other things. We often imagine taking a vacation to a far away island, free of all communication with the outside world or simply just disappear for a while with no destination in sight.

More often than not we can’t afford the vacation and just simply disappearing for a while is too risky. So what do we do? We find our escape, a place that we can take our mind off of the every day stress of life.

The escape can be anything that makes us feel at peace. A lot of times we tend to go to the easy escape. Drugs, Gambling or Alcohol which lead to addiction. We get sucked into these addiction faster than we realize and in return end up causing us more problems. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our “Escape” that the problems we had before are nothing compared to the problems we now face because of the addiction.

Addiction can take the form of many different things, not just the things I listed here. How do we overcome the addictions of life and find a healthy escape? The first step is to realize and accept the fact that we do have a problem and seek out help. Not everyone is comfortable talking about personal problems but if we don’t talk about and deal with it then we will never break the chain and we will just fall deeper and deeper into the dark hole of depression, guilt and eventually death.

I am not a professional or someone who has studied for years on these subjects. I am someone who has lived this life and is finally breaking the chain. We can find a healthy escape and mine just happens to be writing. I feel so much better writing about this stuff then living with the pain and hurt. I hope that others that are struggling will finally break their chain and find a healthy escape because we all need a healthy place to take our minds off of every day struggles.

© Tim Foster – 2015