As a little kid I would see war movies and play cops and robbers but never really understood what war was. In school we learn about war and the history that has been made. Take a look at the actual definition of war.

WAR: “a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.”

Many of us face a WAR with ourself every single day. Mental conflicts between different traumatic events within our thoughts. The only difference between the two types of war is one we can’t control death and the other we can.

A mental war is exhausting but you have to fight every single day. The day you stop fighting is the day that you allow the demons to win. The same goes for the physical war, if you give up on the battle field then you will be captured or killed and most importantly might get someone else killed in the process.

We often don’t think about the long-term, we just think about the now and how bad these thoughts are now. We can’t control what we think but we can control how we react to these thoughts. Therapy with others and finding a way to release my thoughts onto paper has been a huge relief for me. It has helped tremendously. I recommend anyone that struggles with PTSD or Depression to find their own therapy. Everyone has different interests and different ways to cope but it is definitely worth exploring different avenues.

© Tim Foster – 2015