For so long I never understood PTSD or mental illness. I had blinders on and never thought I would some day live with these struggles. None of us decide that we want depression, PTSD or any other mental illness but when we realize that we will never be the same we have to learn to cope and not let it take over us.

It is so hard to accept the fact that we do not think like the rest of society but we have to turn this around and realize that we actually use our brains more because we see things more detailed. Every small detail and emotion triggers our massive thought process. We have all this information and we must channel it the right way.

If we tune these thoughts the wrong way then we end up on the negative side but if we could somehow reverse depression then imagine what we could achieve? We develop our thought process at a young age but when we have something traumatic happen in our life our mind scrambles and we have to reorganize the way we think and place these new thoughts and feelings on the right place.

I don’t understand all that we face daily but what I do know is we are desperate for a change! Let’s change these negative feelings into positive energy and use it for good instead of letting it get us down!!!

© Tim Foster – 2015