Even after a storm the remnants remain behind. Rain drops slowly trickling from tree branch to tree branch before finally making the last fall to the ground. The tree leaves have come detached and fallen. Destruction and devastation may have occurred.

When we are at our weakest point we are more vulnerable to a storm. Some storms are worse than others, some storms are destructive and others are not. How we prepare for a storm is going to be vital in the outcome and how we respond.

Our minds are often filled with negativity and memories from the past. Certain things that come into our life might trigger different emotions and past memories. The brain is so complex and organized but when we have been exposed to trauma the organization becomes disorganized.

We are not capable of fixing ourself. We might think we are powerful and can do anything but that is not reality. If we were capable of fixing ourself then nobody would have problems and everyone would be perfect, life would be easy and boring.

We have to accept the things that we cannot change and learn to adapt. Just because we are different does not mean we are lifeless. The struggles we face make us stronger. The stronger we are the more capable we will be to face the storm when it comes.

© Tim Foster – 2015