The air is brisk and the star’s light up the night sky. I’m standing guard in a land far away in order to protect the ones I love. My eyes are burning with exhaustion and my mind is spinning. My body is weak but my focus is on the mission. I will not let my guard down not even for a second because if I do it could mean Life or Death.

Another sleepless night. The battle is not physical but mental. My mind is on guard against the demons of the night. My eyes are bleeding and body so weak. The mission might seem easy, just make it another day. Just like standing post we must remain vigilant. Staying focused and knowing what we do is not in vain but for the ones we lost. We must continue to breathe this air that so many no longer can. We must continue the fight to our very last breath for if we don’t then who will?

© Tim Foster – 2015