When the thunder roars and the lightning flashes thoughts from the past emerge. The sounds echo through the brain like a long empty hallway. The thoughts are like puzzle pieces all scattered about. Along with the thoughts are small sound bites from each small memory.

How do you put a puzzle together when the pieces don’t fit? That is exactly the frustration that comes out of this. I am learning ways around the frustration and ways to deal with the emotions and stress that follow these thoughts. A lot of times the “what ifs” float around and want me to dwell on them. They demand attention and want us to blame ourself for things that have happened in the past.

The struggles are real, each and every one of us have similar struggles in our life. How we react and deal with these struggles will determine the outcome. Some of us deal with things differently but we can all learn from each other and hopefully find a common ground and fight these battles together!!!

© Tim Foster – 2015